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about me

My story of love for technology begins when I was a teen and got my first computer. Think white PC with CRT monitor, 20GB of hard drive, less than 1GB RAM, Windows XP and no internet connection. Yeah, it was not much. But messing around with Windows made me think: "how the f*ck does that work?".

And that was it! That was enough for me to pursue an entire career in tech.

I'm not even joking, the desire to know in every detail how Windows XP (and my computer) worked was what motived me to be in tech to this day. And getting the answer to this question was the most complex puzzle I had to solve, which made me realize that:

Building an OS is HARDCORE.

It's not for everybody. But learning about it in college was fun, so I wanted to build one by myself. However, upon the realization that it might take a little more knowledge than I had, I got distracted. I found myself messing around with web dev, mobile, front-end, devops and whatnot...

I put OS dev on the back-burner.

I still want to develop at least a kernel named popcorn, though. But my love for development is no longer attached to being able to develop it. Now, I'm helping some open source projects, worked for some companies, and did some cool things. You can see it all on my resume. Or just keep scrolling.

I do amazing things for clients

Open Source

I've worked with a few open source projects. You can see most of it on my github page. is probably my favorite so far. I fix some bugs here and there and develop some cool new features. It's all in Rails and Preact.


For about 3 years, I worked as a tech consultant for a start up called Visagio. It was a wild ride. I worked with some major clients like Globo, Vale, Ambev, Eneva and Hinode. I made the lives of my clients better with technology - either automating manual tasks for them or developing applications to make their process easier. You can see it in details on my resume.

Software Developer

I conducted a pilot study for a IoT company to study the viability of implementing a newly created electric vehicle charging startion all over Chicago. And the study was successful!

My little portfolio

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    Secure password manager built as a Chrome Extension using Angular and Ruby.

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    Framework to support the creation of linked open data from raw data.

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    Financial simulator to estimate future profit or loss when changes to business rules are applied.

Some of my education
  • B.A. in Computer Science.

  • Year abroad studying Computer Science with emphasis on security.

  • Computer Technician course.

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